Count on me Singapore!
August 7, 2013
Count on me Singapore

Count on me! Singapore!

The national themed song playing in the background while I write this.

I'm guessing that the million dollar question here in this article will be “how can Singapore count on me as a web portal (”

With this question in mind, we would like to share a few important core values of this portal to all our web audience – yes! That means you.

Our Portal's Core Values:

  • Updating is good.

    We will keep updating our product range into the portal. This is not easy but we are doing this every day.
  • Show new trend and be a leader.

    To lead the market through well and thoroughly product range selected from the immerse collections of worldwide furnishing products with the current trend criteria in mind.
  • Highest Value for money (We know you love this!)

    Our product pricing is always based on highest value for money for our customers.
  • We build this for you.

    We are focused and will continue to listen to the feedback from our audience through our social channels (facebook and twitter) and build this portal to suit your styles and needs.

/me sings. Count on me to give my best and more. Count on me, Singapore!

Kori LLoyd

Kori Lloyd is a staff writer for Mindless Digital Studio focused on digital media, home furnishing and e-business. She previously wrote for Home Magazine and is an active free-lance e-evangelist. She bikes to get almost everywhere in Singapore and love the sun, the sea and Tequila.

Where to buy

ANSA Resources Pte Ltd, formerly known as Singapore Curtain & Carpet Pte Ltd, was established since 1977. We are the Agent & Stockist of wallcovering, carpet & flooring, curtain and upholstery, both retail and wholesale. Our goods assortment is produced in Belgium, Italy, France, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and many others.

Address & Operating Hours:

225 Lavender Street, S(338776).

operating hours

Mon - Fri : 0900hrs - 1800hrs

Sat: 0900hrs - 1700hrs

Sun: 1100hrs - 1700hrs

Tel: 6552 7548 Fax: 6297 7285

Why Us

Professional Expertise

We have more than 36 years of experience in proposing and providing consultancy on domestic and commercial furnishing products to our customers. All the proposed materials are available at our showroom.

Best Service

Prompt and courteous customer service is our hallmark where our customers success is our success. Our staff, whether in house or onsite, is trained to direct your search to the product that can best satisfy all your furnishing requirement.

Best Price

We would love to show you how we make a different. On top of our experience staff, our pricing is extremely competitive. As you are our potential most valued customer, we have made every effort to provide you the best price possible.

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