D.I.Y. tips for wallpaper
March 13, 2012
DIY tips for wallpaper

Wallpapers are making a fast and furious comeback, thanks to the astounding range of colours and designs available today. Accenting the home with wallcoverings on a wall or two freshens up the home tremendously. And cladding all walls with wallcoverings will give your home a more tactile experience than painted walls.

Another advantage of home wallpaper is to conceal flaws or unevenness in your walls. Older homes often suffer from this, and it's a lot less expensive to apply a good wallpaper than completely replaster your walls.

Planning to go the DIY way but have been told not to by well-meaning friends and loved ones? Do not be daunted. The key factor in the whole operation is preparation.

The first step consists of preparing the walls. Start by checking for holes and cracks. Seal them thoroughly with fillers and let dry.

Next, apply lining paper on the walls. Note that this is a must for walls with plenty of imperfections. Even for walls without imperfections, this can helpful to ensure a much smoother end result. You can choose to apply lining paper either horizontally or vertically. Ensure to include an additional inch to extend round the corner to the next wall if you are planning to apply wallcovering on perpendicular walls. Remember to give this step ample time to dry.

If you're using a patterned paper make sure it gives you the overall effect you want. Small patterns in particular can give a regular stripe or repeat effect when you hang two or more lengths together. Make sure you get the overall impression of a design.

Prepare your wallcoverings by cutting them into strips if they have not been cut yet. Instead of cutting them all at once, go by batches. This helps to prevent wastage from having to re-cut the pieces. When prepping the pieces, have a table where you can comfortably apply paste on the piece. Keep the surface as flat as possible by placing heavy, weighted objects on both ends.

It is vital to fold the wallcovering strip neatly for easy handling. Experts recommend the concertina style, that is, to fold it on the right and bend it to the left, before folding again on the lef, and extending it to the right and folding it again.

Make sure to smooth the wallcovering out slowly to prevent air pockets. Where you start in the room depends greatly on the nature of your space. For an uninterrupted wall, you can easily start from one end. But if there is a protruding feature or doorway, it is best to start from there instead. Always begin from the ceiling and go vertically. Trim excess wallcovering neatly with a knife. Clean the adhesive paste with a wet sponge and then with a dry cloth.

Tips and tricks:

  • Be sure to check that your wallcovering is consistent in colour and shade by checking them in natural daylight.
  • When cutting the wallcovering into strips, ensure that you use a fresh cutter blade. This ensures the edges are cut neatly.
  • Always check the manufacturer instructions. Some may instruct to apply paste on the wall instead of on the wallcovering itself.
  • Try to take down fixtures as much as possible, such as air-conditioning units, electrical plates and door handles, before putting up the wallcovering.
  • Avoid using your hands to smooth out the wallcovering. Look for a wallcovering smoothing tool at your local DIY store.
  • A roller is your best bet for applying paste as it gives you a smoother finish than a brush would.
Kori LLoyd

Kori Lloyd is a staff writer for Mindless Digital Studio focused on digital media, home furnishing and e-business. She previously wrote for Home Magazine and is an active free-lance e-evangelist. She bikes to get almost everywhere in Singapore and love the sun, the sea and Tequila.

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