Goodbye Sandy. We will miss you.
August 17, 2013
Goodbye Sandy. We will miss you.

Dear Sandy,

It seems like yesterday when I first saw you walking through the door when you came for your job interview more than a year ago.

Bright eyes, sweet smile and a friendly voice when we greeted each other. I passed you the application form; I knew everyone will like to have you here with us.

Lynn and I exchanged looks of approval, and prayed that you are “the chosen one” that finally came to our rescue; we were exhausted in covering the empty position for more than already a few months.

When the word finally came out that you had been selected to be one of “us”, even only playing as a supporting role in our admin department, we jumped in joy. Yes! Lynn even did a swagger dance for a few seconds. That was how excited we were.

Throughout your tenure in the company, we have shared friendships, common goals and I choose to believe, you did an excellence job in your great share of work in the company. We laughed, shouted, scratched our heads and worked as a great team.

You are our “young sister” in the group. We still address you so till this day.

The day has come that you have decided to continue to pursue your life goals and make way to your next stage of life. I know you need to leave us in order to do better, it is all good.

Through this blog note, I just want to say we are going miss you dearly, as a team member, as our unique “young sister”. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours: work, life and balance.

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Goodbye Sandy. We will miss you.

Love, Kori.

Goodbye Sandy. We will miss you.

Kori LLoyd

Kori Lloyd is a staff writer for Mindless Digital Studio focused on digital media, home furnishing and e-business. She previously wrote for Home Magazine and is an active free-lance e-evangelist. She bikes to get almost everywhere in Singapore and love the sun, the sea and Tequila.

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